Introducing Jack…

So this is my first blog post, and my first ever blog! Welcome! My name is Jack, I’m an average guy looking to change my life.

In this post I’d like to briefly introduce myself, tell you what my plan is and why I’m writing this blog.

Firstly, as I mentioned my name is Jack, I’m 23 years young and from Reading, UK. Living with my Parents at the moment (gutted, but its cheap!). I’m just an average guy who likes to lift weights, eat healthy and drink plenty of alcohol.

My plan is to change my routine of a 9am – 6pm office job to include plenty of exercise and a good diet. All whilst being more alert and productive at work. My body is pretty average, I’m not fat but not fit either.

This blog will be regular updates on my progress, from different exercises targeting different parts of my body, to easy and healthy meals anyone can cook (even if you can’t cook!).

My aim is 2-3 posts a week. I don’t want to become lazy, forget to upload a post or be discouraged from blogging. Even if this gets zero readers, I will continue as this will serve as a progress timeline. Hopefully one or two people will read it though! Looking at you Mum and Dad!

So that’s it for my first post! Thanks for reading if you got this far, it will get better, I promise. Until next time!


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